What Thaddeus said. (And again what Perry said down in the comments, although I can’t quite get the comment anchor link to work in my browser.)

While Caitlin and I are journeying together, sometimes Abby finishes serenading, and I need to change record. This isn’t me using a mobile phone, but I suppose those looking on at me it must look like I am texting under the tonneau. I don’t know what the new law is, but is it something along the lines of we will fine you, tax you, hate you and remove all your free will and self-interest if you do anything other than look straight forward while driving, ignoring everything else we are doing and be caught up in our petty ruling and interferring of your life. I should be writing white papers, I think.

Everywhere there are signs. Road signs, signs in the office, signs in the wind. Telling us we can’t, we mustn’t, we shouldn’t.

Everywhere there are others. Other people, other ideas, other places. Telling us that we aren’t, we’re wrong, we’re here.

Thoughtcrime isn’t on its way. It is already here.

Away it goes

Words I never said that you didn’t want to hear

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