Why do some people think it alright to mock my accent, and then when I dare to retort get all huffy? This mocking was along the lines of you don’t speak English rather than the I can’t understand a word you are saying route. Of course, those two statements are different. I know that. You know I know that. I am just being mischievous and socio-linguistically disruptive. But you knew that, too. I get back to the point.

Why assume people are thick because they don’t talk like someone from deepest Essex? (Oh, hang on, I am.) What presume people have no clue because their sentence construction is just that bit more contorted than someone from the Estuary end of English? (Oh, hang on, I don’t.) So people start talking to me in a slightly aggressive tone, to which I (only mildly, it must be said) respond in kind, then I get the evil eye? Come on. And no, I wasn’t nasty. I have only been mild, rising to irritated, German Bight, North Utsire, cyclonic, 9.

I got to thinking. Sure, people always know I can take it, but there is a line, people, when the invective gets to be a discrimination case. And I never forget anything that is said to me. Just be aware. Oh, right, some of you are aware of that. It felt like Friday (in the a-week-of-work-done-already, not the wahey!-weekend way) yesterday. And today it felt the same. I have no idea why. I blame the drawing in of the nights. Svalbard, you say? Scams, you say? I say perhaps, yes, maybe, sure. I am glad the ability to write nothing here hasn’t diminished in my stuttering weblawg life. I have nothing to say.

There is live code, ack alright then, almost live, that has a SOAP API, and I give you two of the calls:

sub kitteh {
  'i is in ur codez, returnin valyooz'

sub halp {
  'hai, i made u an ecksepshyun,
    but i throo it :('

Too much time on their hands, those developers. Or not enough. It amounts to the same thing.

  1. i don’t understand most of what you say pet and it has bugger all to do with accent. ;) More to do with me being simple. In answer to the rhetorical question tho (I know, but hey) “because people are arses”.

    Thu 27 Sep, 7:14PM

  2. Some say that jealousy is the sincerest form of flattery. The UK’s multitude of accents is one of its greatest assets, but those people who are sucked into the amorphous, slow moving dirge in the middle of the vortex of life can only look on in envy of those who maintain their presence on the wild frontiers of the boundaries.

    Robbie Bow
    Thu 27 Sep, 7:35PM

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