Here is another thought for you.

If you can’t stand up in an argument, and find it too hard to have any comeback, nevermind a witty one, don’t resort to calling me opinionated. I have opinions. I like to argue. Debating is good fun, and one way of learning, as you get to pick the branes of your opponent(s).

However, slinking away, then complaining to others that I am opinionated is something else entirely. Neither does it help if you happen upon me in full flow with others, because we are all trading insults, sarcasm, puns and other intelligent word play. Hairbags need not apply.

Then I got to wondering why I was so het up about being told that someone else told someone that I was rather opinionated. It wasn’t overly the word itself, even though it does come with negative connotations. I think it comes down to gossip. It isn’t as if I care about being gossiped about, although it always strikes me as funny that people do. I mean, it is only me, and it isn’t as if I count. If I am all you have to gossip about, you have a very sad life. (I don’t imply that you do just gossip about me, but if I get included in your gossiping, then the same phrase applies.)

(On another point, it was nice to take a compliment t’other day, and being set, in mad skillZor terms, above someone else. I don’t think of it like that, but hey.)

So why did it annoy me? Was it the source? Hardly. Was it the content? Not particularly. Could this count as some sort of trigger phrasing mechanism? Mayhaps. There was going to be some point to the post, but it seems to, once again, got lost. It is neither as angry as I would like nor as witty. But I did get annoyed when whatever was the origin of this post was related to me. I must ponder on the reasons why. By tugging on my fisherman’s beard. (That quip, on the other hand, pleased me muchly. I refer you to the post title.)

I don’t have the energy to rewrite this post, so have some lolcat derivations that tickled my fancy recently to end with, in lieu of any other sort of summation paragraph.

Words to live by. (I also like Pandora.)

One more: Which way do you spin? Interestingly, I spin clockwise.

  1. that is very funny and kind of a silly criticism. rather like music having too many notes.

    Fri 05 Oct, 8:41PM

  2. Clockwise, too. And try as I might I can’t see it anti-clockwise. Though - logically - I know I should be able to.

    Raymond Lesley
    Sat 06 Oct, 12:24PM

  3. Oh the amusement 3:16. You complain about someone stating you’re very opinionated - so much so that you have to RANT your opinion on your blog.

    Much amused.

    That is all.

    Chris Buckley
    Mon 08 Oct, 3:45PM

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