Patents then. Probably worth a trolling post.

Hands up who thinks they are a bad idea? Hands up those who think they stifle ideas, competition and all the rest of things people generally say they stifle? Errr-uh! (Textual representation of the Family Fortunes got-a-question-wrong sound. Blogetic licence, go figure.)

The thing is, you can go to the patent office and see the contents of the patent. Actually see it. It isn’t hidden. It is in the open. (If not in the Open.) This allows you to see what the competition is doing, get ideas, hints, inspiration. But don’t steal, as it is patented, and that opens up a whole can of lawyers. Which no one wants.

…bored of this subject, I refer you to the category…

My good lady, Cassandra, is generally a bit more law-abiding (and tolerating) than I am. Except when it comes to the tellytax. This, not petrol, nor house prices, nor ID cards, is the one issue that pushes her over the edge. So much so she has intimated she would vote for anyone if they promised to abolish this throwback not-so-stealth tax. State broadcaster? Do not want. Middleclass Middle-England is in revolt. Be warned, Powers That Be. I wouldn’t cross her. And you are treading a fine line. And if the lefty-luvvies of bias huff and puff and get an increase in the tellytax, woe betide! woe! be! tide!

…I am too calm to really get into the ranting groove…

So the quest to go new places has started. While not as far out as I was hoping (due to lack of cash to put juice into Caitlin, and everyone tagging along, which is always good), we went to Milton Country Park. Pictures here. We enjoyed it. We shall in all inevitablity return.

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