Our reside Merkan decided, a few WEEKS AGO, to put up Halloween decorations in the office. Which I complained about, as, well, it is her (overexposed commercialised) festival and we don’t go in for that sort of thing round here. But then (again) I just got accused of being a no-fun grump. They had better come down tomorrow, I tells ya.

She also intimated that we should come in to work in fancy dress. So we did. I type this post wearing a long black dress (or skirt, I guess) of Cassandra’s. (Editor’s note: Turns out it is a posh frock from Monsoon.) With two pigtails. And my own cashmere jumper. Just another Cambridge-Town goth, then.*sigh*

Yes, I did walk in to town at lunchtime like that. Yes, I got a few comments, but more double-takes than anything else. I can also see the point of handbags, as with no pockets, I had nowhere to store my keyfobs, nor pocket watch, nor cash. And considering the number of handbags Cassandra owns, I probably could have found one to go with my outfit. But, you know, too far and all.

Too much goes on, you know?

Scrabulous is holding our attention presently. It is really rather good. It helps that I like Scrabble, I suppose. (You can see a screenshot of my stats if you want, and note that three of the four of my losses were to my Cassandra.) Feel free to have a game with me.

  1. When I read your facebook status I imagined you in work dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. It was the remark about the pigtails that did it. But instead you went for a very tame looking fancy dress…

    Please tell me that you at least went with make-up to go with the pigtails?

    Sat 03 Nov, 5:49AM

  2. Alas, due to business, laziness and oversightedness, I didn’t. I had intended on buying a plush velvet (with corset-stringed back) full length dress with red bits on it, but forgot. And it went for 20 quid on ebay, too.

    Cassandra did tut as well that I didn’t put the makeup on. Ah well.

    Stray Taoist
    Sat 03 Nov, 10:23AM

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