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Posted Mon 08 Oct
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Best having a calm post, eh?

On reading Richard Rorty (cheers to Robbie), I am struck by two things. Firstly, how much of an apologist for Hegel/Kuhn (ick) he was, secondly how little of Freud I have read. As in none. A major gap, there. Must be rectified.

Music. I love listening to my children play their instruments. And such pleasure is increased while watching them, as they enjoy it. Sure, sometimes they need prodded into practise, but when they get going, they go for ages. Violins, cornets, keyboards and even my geetar. No singing, though. But that matters not, as long as we have the air filled with the sounds they produce. And watching them in their marching band, parading proudly in front of the British Legion yesterday, makes me happy. It was funny watching the pubs empty, and all come out to listen to them. The band have quite a good reputation, and are getting asked to more and more events.

I have, obviously wrongly, put the old Austrian in with psychology, not philosophy. But reading the Rorty has given me a new insight into this. So as opposed to reading interpretations of it all, I will hunt out of some the original sources and blend it seamlessly (ha!) into my own personal (haha!) ideas.

Kinky boots. Autumn is upon us, the trees are trying to be gorgeous colours (the unending bleak greyness, not letting us see any sky doesn’t help the photography on that score) which means the long(er) length boots start to appear. Of course, I don’t mind that the hem lines fall at the same time. It will get dashed cold round this way soon, so makes sense.

I still wonder how I could have missed such a*huge* influence on Western thought. Ah well, I shall rectify that. Again, even though I disagree with some of his arguments, Rorty’s references have lead me to compile a decent list of books to read. Proust, for one. I have, I think, only read one of his. And various academic-types I haven’t heard of. So, down to the Cambridge University Press at some point. When the funds allow.

The world is quiet here.

The sense of the world is short,
Long and various the report,—
To love and be beloved;
Men and gods have not outlearned it,
And how oft soe’er they’ve turned it,
‘Tis not to be improved.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882)

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