I would mention something about today’s FFS, but I won’t. It is too easy a target. Society made me do it. F. F. S. I will just say if they want to combat this, The Kids Today™ need more skinny role models. So more skinny people on TV, please, more idealised body shapes in video games, remove all fat people from pr0n. Then maybe they will see fatness as something abhorrent. sigh Oh gn0es! Society made me fat, therefore we should tax everyone even more to make sure something is done about it, like waste the money we have stolen from the population to squander on quangos and think tanks.

I must have been in an odd mood today, as I may have raised my voice (in a loud and incredulous tone, getting louder and incredulouser as I went on, perhaps with a touch too much vehemence) in NewNewWork at a (prior to me) database decision. But really. You have a table. Ignoring the auto incrementing primary key for a moment, consider the column called enum. We get that. Until you look at the table description, and discover it is bloody int! And this int is a mirror of the primary key. And (because these values are also constants in several repeated classes throughout the codebase) there are gaps in the primary key sequence. I ask you. But I won’t tell you more. That is between work and me. Then I get asked how come I know about databases. And not just potatoes. sigh

And what of obsession, of breaking through the buttoned-down repression? What of it? No one ever gets what they want, and that is beautiful.

Note to Cambridge-Town: Ding-ing the bell on your bike behind me will not make me move out of your way. It will just irritate me. Worse, if you are going down a one-way street the wrong way.

  1. The ‘news’ is getting very annoying.

    Wed 17 Oct, 10:09PM

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