Flood plain or flood plane? I can convince myself on either. (And given where I am, there is hardly any need for complex surfaces.)

What have people got against personal liberty? Boohoo, oppressed and downtrodden, they need The State to their lives out.

I am never going to get an F right, nor any of those damned barre chords. Finger breakage is in the offing.

Westphalia has been an education. I must grab hold of Plato’s Republic, as I am enjoying The Open Society Vol I, having finished volume two donkeys ago.

Are you an -ist? Gotta a cause to cleave to? Come back and talk when you have grown up, eh?

It is only the intellectually lost who ever argue. These statements are all connected, and not just via my head.

I leave you with the best lolcat I have seen in a while. And there is some top competition for that spot, too.

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