Do you also live in a world where pneumatic blondes leap at you from the foliage? Suprising you as you wander toward the stairwell muttering to yourself? And then when you turn back, they are melting into the greenery again, calling to their mates in that evidently Essex-girl drawl?

Do you also live in a world where the topic of tea-in-the-kitchen conversations turns to astral gardening? The merits of bathing your rhubarb in moonlight, and the correct time to water your crops, if they were Aries with Mars in the ascendancy?

Do you also live in a world where you can appreciate country music? Sorry, alt.americana, as they insist on calling it now. Or did call it that. Do they still? I haven’t bought the NME recently, nor overly read any news. The world has no bearing on me, nor have I on it.

Do you live in a world where people think you do nothing but rant and rally against, well everything? Where you are nothing more than a feeble self-publicist? Interviews are so much different from reviews.

Do you always think the Government should something about it? That they should pay for X, Y or Z? Then leave nao, k, thnx, bai, as they aren’t paying, we are.

Now, go out get a first life. Yes, I know. Srsly, I do. There is no loss of irony. All has been retained. And while you are getting that first life, how about getting a clue, too. Here, look, you can now watch the whole of Free To Choose online. That. Just. Rocks. Old Milt is one of my heroes, an absolute genius. I mean, given the nature of the show, if that was made these days, there would be no right to reply like at the end of each episode there. And if there was, it would be simpering yes-men. (One of the books I am currently reading is The Constitution of Liberty, perhaps not as well-written as Friedman’s output, but even so, the foundation of what a society should be.)

Free to choose only as long as the choice fits in the with the State’s choice. I refuse.

And who would have thought that a Y2K bug would have the biggest impact on climate change data? Not that you will hear any of the Leftist news media report it. Or any news media, it seems. And no, it doesn’t come from a crackpot conspiracy website, it comes from NASA. Still, have a DailyTech link about it. Now, what does this mean? Am I am climate changer denier? One of those who some who have criminalised for daring to suggest such a thing? I certainly am not. Climates change. That is what they do. Pop quiz time: What percentage of the entire atmosphere is carbon dioxide? And of that, what percentage has man pumped in there? See, having done years of stellar astrophysics, and understanding that climate modelling is a seriously hard thing to do, and realising that science is NOT DONE BY CONSENSUS, you know, you should be afraid when they opine that everyone agrees on the conclusions, because, you know, all that aether that envelops the earth and all…


Back to my life, though. You head down to the allotment at 8am, and it is a manageable 16°C. Start with my breaking of the soil, of my communion with the land. Just over an hour later, it feels too hot to do more work. I am so feeble. Yes, diet and exercise, I know, but well, you know. I could do with losing thon belly. Anyhow. Home I goes, and the mercury now say 27°C. Frippery and heatwaves. Too hot for the likes of me. So the decluttering, and trips to the skiphome recycling centre, down at Thriplow. Which is a few miles out, granted, but it is the closest to us. I think. But there I go, to throw my cardboard in one skip, my metal in another, and the melamine-covered old wardrobes in yet another. But look! Half of them are closed, and they have a hi-vis-jacketed guy to tut and people and tell them they can’t take their waste. Oh no, wrong sort of waste. Council says so. Back in the day, the skip down Lovers Lane (yes, where the sheep was chased and trapped, but that was another story told way back when I had a hyphen, move along now) that took all your waste that wouldn’t go in the bin. Oh gnoes! Think of the landfill! But there wasn’t a council employee with clipboard regulating what you did. Granted, the wee buggers set it on fire way too many times, but that can be blamed on the parents and their upbringing. And the Leftist interferring social engineering types. So they want us to recycle. But not everything. And they make us drive there (sure, I could get the bus. Over and over and over again. This is far more efficient than buses. My car, my journey to work, is more efficient than public transport. I am moving towards the opinion that public transport isn’t the answer. My car takes me from my door to my office. I don’t circumnavigate the city all day long, pumping diesel fumes out. My 70s, original-engined sports car is more eco-friendly than the buses. I digress.) because, you know, you can’t have skips where people might need them. Best stick them out of sight, in case it offends someone somewhere.

Useful idiots, passive consumers and those who meddle for our own good. I hate you all. I have much more anger to work through. Bear with me here, folks.

  1. the quiet of early sunday morning, 3 guys sleeping it off in various parts of the house, sunshine, a latte and the deliciously random and a tad angry you, some days you wake up to the perfect start.

    Sun 12 Aug, 8:44AM

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