I am the Angel of the Abyss

Posted Wed 25 Apr
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I am glad that the tights-and-shorts look is back in. Takes me back, makes me smile. As for names, well, of course they fit. How could they not? Even when you get it wrong, and it gets corrected, it is still right. Though forever is the distance to the damage, self-destructive and mutually exhausting, not forever and poetic, but that can be arranged.

I am a great believer in people in the office going home if they are sniffling, so as not to infect me. Not that I ever get infected, or rather, I do, I just mutate it and pass it on. I just never get the symptoms, so don’t have days off. sigh But it is handy I haven’t had a vertigo attack in a few years, I guess.

But there is another mode of thought, to which I would subscribe. And it means that I should be allowed to go home if I feel stupid. (Enough, you there at the back.) If you don’t feel you are doing any use, and keyboard mashing would be the only outcome of the day, you should be allowed to go home. Sorry boss, I am feeling a touch on the dumb side, I will be back in tomorrow.

There are all the choices you didn’t make, all the times you drew back, not going just as far as the edge of sanity. There isn’t the time to dwell, the time has passed, and the chances are remote. Belittled and contradicted, confined and restrained.

Twiddle and twaddle

The revolution will not be televised

And when I see someone wearing their shirt, I think that they’re scum too.

  1. Dumb days would be fantastic. I’d never have to turn up to work again.

    Wed 25 Apr, 10:16PM

  2. http://floknit.blogspot.com/2007/01/it-should-be-possible-to-call-in-stupid.html

    Wed 25 Apr, 10:26PM

  3. If we only had to work when we felt clever i’d be in about once a month, of course i might get just as much done!! I have called in sick on the grounds of not really being ill but feeling rubbish and being worse than useless before. I have an understanding boss. :)

    Thu 26 Apr, 11:19AM

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