I wasn’t going to put pictures of my children on this weblog, considering all my flickr-ed ones of them are ‘friends and family’ only. But I love this one. (I mean, I haven’t really even used their names since I flitted here, merely the initials.) And not only that, even though people can find me via google, I amn’t where I used to be. I amn’t even who I used to be. But that is another story.

Rest for a beat

I just took a test there now, which probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do. Sitting on the comfy chair in and of an evening. And with panic rising in me, too. Ah well. Fluffed as only I can do. Things I never heard of. I mean to say. And a timer in the top corner. Ticking away, tick tock tick tock. C-A and her sore teeth distracting me, poor wee thing. Just when I was thinking I could stand up again, it reminds me not to. Bleh.

On another, quite odd, note, I have taken to listening to Czechoslovakian violin-and-voice folk tunes. No, really.

And yet another note, it seems later in the year than I realised. Sleepwalking somewhere, I reckon.

As we are noting things of note, there is no Twilight Princess going on. Alas. (And even if there was, I reckon my eldest would have rested the control from my hands, anyhow. He finished Wind Waker, and I did not. More as he took over the game. And is younger than me, and video gaming is a young person’s persuit. Mostly.)

There might be more notes, but not now.

  1. No Twilight Princess here, either. Yon game shop assure me I’ll get the console before Christmas .. but as yet, no news. Eve then, No.1 son has chosen Raving Rabbids instead. All in good time; I can wait.

    Mon 11 Dec, 3:17PM

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