When did I get this disorganised? And disenchanted? In all my years, both of courting, engagement and then marriage to Cassandra, I don’t think I have been as disappointed (yay! Another dis- word. I stopped at two just there as I couldn’t quite think of another. But let my fingers go where they will go, and I get there. Where my mind wanders.) in what I have managed to see in town to buy her for Christmas. I knew what I wanted to buy her, which might not have been what she wanted*, as I seem to have missed the hints. Or not written them down when they were hinted. It seems it was easier to go against the grain (in present terms) years ago. Now, you really are forced to buy what They(tm) want you to buy. But I have been busy. Even though there are lots of designer shops in Cambridge (yes, lots and lots, I think I have now been in them all) the jewellry wasn’t as inspiring as I had hoped, and I daren’t buy *cough* any sort of clothing. Next year I will start earlier. Yes, even though I was in that London with my mother earlier in the week (before I took to my bed ill) I managed not to get anything.

Modern consumerism just isn’t for me. Coupled with my inability to actually spend money, it all just doesn’t work.

Waiting for me to take him to my mother

*I would paraphrase for comedic effect, but I prefer to leave it as was:

Arthur: It is at times like these, I wish I had listened to my mother when I was young.
Ford: Why, what did she say?
Arthur: I don’t know! I wasn’t listening!

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