1. On being laughed at by strangers on a train

Look, my mother and I get on well, we just don’t, you know, see eye to eye on certain issues. Or many issues. Or any issues.

2. On authors who can write for comics and novels

Modesty Blaise, either in the old Evening Standard strip form, or full length novel, just fantastic. Except I have holes in my collection, which means spending cash.

3. On walking down Oxford Street

I am glad, even after all these years, that I still haven’t lost the knack of walking in the opposite direction of every single other person down said street. I discovered I had this talent the first time Cassandra and I ever went there, and it is reassuring to note my gifts haven’t dulled with age.

4. On having lists on weblawgs

They suck.

  1. Is it true that men tend to walk in a straight line (if walking down a straight street) and women tend to take a diagonal course (on a similar street)

    If I don’t get near the bologosphere before Christmas - Have a good one! :-)

    Wed 20 Dec, 6:09PM

  2. RE: X-Men Storm’s Modesty Blaise origin


    I was trying to recall which X-Men artist
    referred to Chris Claremont’s Storm origin
    story as a Modesty Blaise rip-off. The artist
    in question is John Byrne; I came across the
    quote yesterday from a many years ago back
    issue of The Comics Journal.


    Michael Hawthorne
    Thu 21 Dec, 3:21PM

  3. argh, i have missed so much!!!
    Happy Christmas to you and yours sweetp. :)

    Fri 22 Dec, 7:49AM

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