My phone woes have been solved, and I am happy! I get to keep my phone. It turns out, that after speaking to the original interweb collossus, that you can get retro batteries for my aged mobile. So I bought a few. Which will hopefully last me a good few years to come.

If you feel the need to also purchase batteries for a crumbly Sony J5e, you can get them from ebay. I got three. For less than seven of those Great British Pounds. Just how rocking is that?

Andy is the ultimate blagger, a veritable beacon of hope in a dull world, shining out from the public sector in a way that gladdens the heart. He shares stories with us. He shares them on and on, share on and on. Always sharing, that one. Sometimes a bit of a gayer, but we don’t mind that.

Cheers, lad, you have made this old phone luddite happy.

I still don’t understand (some) gadget lust. I mean, I have Abby, my 20Gb iPod, who isn’t anywhere near filled. Why would I need to upgrade her? Same with phones. My phone makes calls. It receives SMSs. Sure, it can’t receive photographs from other phones, but I don’t see that as a big loss. What is it with people who constantly need to upgrade? Are they insecure? Oh gn0es, my phone/iPod/handbag/life is two minutes behind the Beautiful People, therefore I shall validate my existence by ditching the currently working and fully functional device I have for the latest one.


My iPod plays audio. I don’t care if I can’t watch video on a two inch screen. The primary purpose is to play music. What’s that Skippy? I can’t carry as many choons around with me as a vapid empty-headed fashion-lead unthinking bag-of-hair-intellect-worrying wannabe-chav? Well, I can’t listen to them all at once, either.


My phone can’t receive the latest viral video that is doing the rounds with my friends, so I must upgrade every two months. Leaving aside the issue that these sorts think it acceptable (and can somehow afford to, whereas I can’t) to pay GBP30/mth on a contract, I still don’t see the point. (No, it isn’t jealousy. If I could afford to pay so much on a contract, I would use the money on something else.) Is it so hard to sit in a pub on your own for a few minutes before your mates arrive? Must you ring them to see if they are within 500 yards of the imbibing emporium? I sat in the pub last week, a bit early, but in need of a drink, on my own. Did I suddenly crumble and ring to see where my co-conspirators were? No. Did others in the pub? Yes.


Today was not a good day. What has worked for an age, fell over and apart. Diverting me from getting what I wanted to do done before I head off on holiday. A week off, and some of it elsewhere. But it annoys me that things are left rather b0rked. Well, not quite, as they Work on Robbie’s Machine, they just Fail on Mine. I hate software. It is inherently broken. Still, pays the bills. If not a GBP30/mth mobile bill, nor a GBP60/mth Sky bill, nor a GBP30/mth ADSL bill.

  1. I don’t understand the logic of having a camera on your phone but I do appreciate the results that show up on YouTube. Likewise I don’t understand the logic of making your phone an mp3 player (doesn’t that drain the battery so the phone doesnt work), but I guess I can appreciate not having to carry around 3 gadgets as they all get bundled into one. And you were just having a rant, werent you, and not expecting people to jump in and join with somewhat rational additions? Ah well.

    Sat 21 Jul, 10:02AM

  2. Not carrying a lot of gadgets is good, I guess. But then I carry a trendy shoulder-sling bag that I can put my camera/phone/iPod in.

    Yes, a rant, but more aimed at those who update and upgrade every ten seconds, when what they have does 99% of what they need. I mean, yes, iPod nanos are groovy, but my gen 2 one works, and will continue to work for a good while yet. So why do I need to update it?

    I stop now, in case I start ranting again. :)

    Stray Taoist
    Sat 21 Jul, 10:54AM

  3. It’s called a Manbag.

    Sat 21 Jul, 4:02PM

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