Banned bam video. Excellent. (Wouldn’t have been banned if it were made by Irn Bru.)

Big numbers. Smaller. Excellent. This is the paper I was looking for.

So I shaved. Totally. Completely. Now every time I wander pass people in NewNewWork, they smirk. Now every time I wander pass people in NewNewWork they look twice, and recognition doesn’t kick in for a second or two. Now every time I wander pass people in NewNewWork they ask if I am allowed out past my bedtime.

I know it may seem odd, but I am really rather chuffed at harvesting our own produce. Land cultivated, planted, tended and picked. Most excellent.

There is a glimmer of light (and a puff of smoke) in my ongoing battle with Cassandra over a pipe. It has gone from divorce to sleeping on the couch. Victory will surely only be round the corner?

Meme collision. Indeed. kthnxbai.

[0]It obviates the need for an imagination.

  1. I hope that you have updated your Mii to reflect your newly-shorn state.

    (At least until you let it grow back again.)

    Tue 10 Jul, 9:39PM

  2. What, everywhere? Everything?

    Tue 10 Jul, 11:18PM

  3. Well, in the cranial region, just the lower parts of my face. Hair is still intact, you will be pleased to know. :P

    Wed 11 Jul, 7:40AM

  4. Thought it was too good to be true. You should’ve gone the whole hog.
    Still, better than nothing.

    Sun 15 Jul, 8:06PM

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