What would I say to future me, eh? I guess I will have to wait a year and find out.

We had a day out at Southend-On-Sea, and I admit to it being excellent. Not tacky (well…..) and not infested with Croydon Facelift-ed chavettes chewing gold jewelry, walking on white stilletoes with faux leather handbags. No, I don’t think of everywhere in stereotypes, honest. (Well…..) And it was only an hour from civilisation. Howsaboutthatthen? We will return at some stage.

And now, off to Eeklandia for the weekend. I am hoping all the free-wheeling-free-marketeering coupled with the Eurovision-loving indigenous populus will make me cabbage soup or somesuch. No, I don’t think of everywhere in stereotypes, honest. (Well…..) The should be plotting and sedition at the very least. The usual suspects should be suspected. Because unlike there, we are all suspected here. Like me being asked in Adventure Island if I was with family and friends as I stood taking pictures with my 70-300mm lens aimed upwards into the cloud of children. I didn’t take a picture of the sign, even though I should have, but they record all day every day with their CCTVs, in perfect HD, to be archived and never deleted. But, on the plus side, at least their security guards were on the look out. I would happily remove all safetyspeed cameras if we had more traffic branch on the streets. Cameras don’t detect bad driving. I am all for having only two speed limits. Thirty in villages, maybe twenty, and whatever your car can do elsewhere. With the village ones rigourously enforced. And not by cameras. Here, this wasn’t about that sort of camera, I seem to have been interrupted while typing and my mind wandered. As it will do.

[0]I refuse to use the term liberal, when they are anything but, and I am trying to avoid using classical liberal to differentiate from the authoritarians. We need to reclaim the word. The night needs a hero.

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