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Posted Wed 07 Nov
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Reinvention is a wonderful thing, I have done it multiple times throughout my life. Boyfriend, husband, father, coder, grump. Everytime I enter a new period of my life, there is a new me. Or not so much new, as built on top of the old, but I tend to decide, when I am somewhere new, how I want to portray myself. Fierce, willful, whatever. The cleverness projection doesn’t work, but I keep trying at that.

What is the point of all this, you say? Well, I have decided, after a few discussions with various people over the past weeks, that maybe the grumpyness is not the way to go. Everyone gets rattled, stressed and strung out. But only for a short time. While I can hold a grudge forever, I only do so if I have been suitably wronged. For friends, it matters not, I will remember it, it will be a point of laughter, it will be forgiven, but not forgotten. προσεχετε εαυτοις εαν δε αμαρτη εις σε ο αδελφος σου επιτιμησον αυτω και εαν μετανοηση αφες αυτω. Remember that.

Because being a grump means I can’t be a mystic. I think. Of course, it doesn’t really mean that, as all those First Covenant prophets were a bit grumpy. Given my rather esoteric interests, knowledge and bookshelf, starting a real cult seems the way to go. Take all the learning from all over the world, incorporate all the lore, steal all the ideas, try all the systems, and develop our own. There is fun to be had, to be sure. There are rituals to enact, methods to teach and people to bamboozle.

Come join me.

A voyage of Blake and Waite, a journey through all the mystic sects of all the major religions, a trail through nature and nurture, a walk in the clouds.

Come join me.

In two last points, our thoughts and prayers are with Cassandra’s grandmothers. Her (maternal) grandmother has just had an operation for breast cancer, and her (paternal) grandmother is not in a good state either. This hasn’t helped the recent testiness, but no excuse really. It also means I am wife-less this weekend. I expect a list of instructions left in case I forget to be somewhere/feed the progeny/breathe.

And did you know, Sigur Ros is great music for writing RFCs to.

  1. You have signed a truce with those who /really/ own the whiteboard?

    Does this mean you will be shunning all your grumpy old friends on a path to enlightenment?

    mutter mutter… I’m off to arrest a policeman

    Wed 07 Nov, 1:28PM

  2. I get to be in my 6th decade before anyone asks me to join a cult. Success…or failure?

    Wed 07 Nov, 2:46PM

  3. So do we use Pay Pal to tithe?

    Wed 07 Nov, 7:36PM

  4. How very Hubbardian of you. Count me out.
    Think yourself happy and you will be.
    Grumpyness breeds discontent, or something.

    Fri 09 Nov, 11:14AM

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