The weekend past, we took mental puppy dog to Wandlebury and round the Gogs. He loved it, we loved it, he got exhausted, we got exhausted. He still doesn’t (overly) like walking next to traffic, or in the dark, but we will get that. Sooner hopefully more than later.

Today, second male child and I received confirmation that we are one step closer to being black belts. Tomorrow, the world!

This week coming, RPM challenge kicks off. I have laid out (in my head) some choonery, it shall be laid down onto tape (or at least Dahlia’s hard drive) once we pass the last day of January.

Further on than that, well, there are plans, and Cassandra isn’t agin them. At least in theory. Who can tell? But whatever Rubicon needed crossing, well, I can sense the water under my feet.

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