Settle down, there, nothing to see here. And isn’t that the problem? We all reach the point where it isn’t going to be, where we aren’t going to be, so we settle down and accept it is the way it is. Accept isn’t quite the word though…


Look around, count everything you have. Is it ever enough? Every time there is a step forward, there doesn’t seem to be the rewards that come with it. Nothing gets easier, there is still no breathing room, there is always the five-years-from-now plan…


The world doesn’t scare me, it depresses me. Everywhere you look you hear fools selling snake oil, misguided misanthropes trying to live our lives for us, single-agenda types stepping on whomever they want to push their vapid views. All sense seems to have left the world…


It has taken another 574,380,431 miles to get here.

But then again, I can count my blessings easily. I left them all eating their breakfasts this morning.

  1. happy birthday, my love.

    Fri 15 Jun, 9:19AM

  2. I’m sure you had the loveliest birthday. And what do you mean half way there? You’ll still be griping away long after your three score years and ten.

    Sat 16 Jun, 9:38PM

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