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Now, here is the thing. Google ads aren’t being served there yet. Is this due to the name of the url? It does says one needs to wait up to 72 hours, but I don’t remember it being that long when I chose to whore the individual entries on this site. Anyone? This interweb new-fangledness new fangles me.

Nor does the actual search box work. But I can wait. Until the funds roll in. Then follows the underground lair, the MiGs, the nukes and the evil, resonating cackle.

No one owns yet. And I don’t intend to. They were taking bets in NewNewWork as to how long it will be before the knock on my door comes. And I get taken away in an orange jumpsuit. (To which one wag pointed out they better finish it off with a bowler hat, too.)

It can’t just be me, but while clearing the poppies from the allotment, I was wondering how much work it would be to turn them into opium. One just can’t live on wine and laudanum, you know.

I am in need of a burly (or not so burly) gent to help me shift some furniture on satdeh week. Apply to the usual seekrit email, there will be beer and lunch tokens in exchange.

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