Note to Cambridge drivers: A red light means stop. As in you don’t go through it. I could understand if it were just the BM drivers, but no, it seems to be a general Cambridge thing. Stop it.

Note to the world: My mobile phone is on its last legs. Poor little phone, now about seven years old. So I will have to buy a new one soon. I just want to drop the SIM card in. And it work. I care not for cameras, video, colour screens and other rubbish I will never use. It does need to give me access in a different way. I need access to the analogue to digital conversion, before that heads down the lines. Don’t ask why, I just do. It is possible, having spoken to a few others, but I don’t want to go down the line of buying a GSM module and tiles and building it inside a cardboard box. As it isn’t mobile then.

Note to people at NewNewWork™: I never said I could spell, did I? I fully expect to hear it. Indeed so. But not forever. Y’hear?

Note to me: Catch yerself on.

Note to all those chicks in town: Actually, scratch that one.

Sweep out

I’ve never felt so alone, he was the first of our own

  1. I thought you were holding out for the iPhone?

    Tue 01 May, 11:04PM

  2. I would, but mine is really almost dead. So I would be phoneless. Which isn’t, truth be told, such a bad thing.

    Stray Taoist
    Wed 02 May, 7:53AM

  3. It’s just a good job you didnt ENCRPYT this post, isn’t it? muhuhu.

    Also: no red light cameras in Cambridge. A good job, too!

    Chris Buckley
    Wed 02 May, 2:28PM

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