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Posted Sat 20 Dec
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Over all, there’s been
The other
Waiting in the dark
Over all it’s been
Behind me

At the moment, I work as a coder-for-hire. It may come as a shock (to some), but I haven’t always done this. By my reckoning it is my fourth career, most changes being total and orthogonal. With each cycle, there are those attendant stereotypes, which the outside world seem happy with. Stereotypes are there for a reason, dontcha know. Just don’t expect me to play along.

All the time
In the dark shades
Of the bathroom
Behind a mirror in the dark
Hidden inside the fire burning
In the yard

Once of these, with respect to geekery (of which I don’t partake) , is gadeteering. The must-have latest electrical trinket, to be replaced by another six months (if even that) later. (This can be taken further, extended, to the latest meme, the latest intertubes site, the next silver bullet language/methodology/solution. I will let the reader infer, for the writer implies.) I see lots around me, always buying (I guess this all comes down to jealousy, but really, even though there is much I want, I don’t need. And it isn’t even jealousy. If people want to spent their money (the money the guvvmint doesn’t steal from them) on whatever they want, I don’t mind. If they have more money than me, well, that is the way of it. I have made my choices, good and bad, and here I am.)

Bolt-locked chains could not
Keep you
From the werewolf in my eyes

Why the suprise when I don’t have, nor want, the latest circuit board status-symbol? You don’t care for wearing labels, why do you care to have the GPS-enabled SSD-capable 1080p-ready turbo-powered fingerprint scanner? The whole snobbery thing also annoys me, but not as much, as the only people who go in for that are the sort of snobs I don’t like anyhow. I guess it isn’t so much the gadgets, more the minor updating all the time. The types who buy the latest revision, that gives marginally more performance/features than the last one. I still have a nine-year-old mobile. I still use it. (I now have a Crackberry, but I don’t pay for it, I didn’t buy it, so it doesn’t count. And no, it isn’t the new one.) Why do programmers (or those in IT) feel the need to always have the latest fashion toy?

In my bed I can’t stand
The heat
It burns my skin
And the sweat makes a mess
Of my hair

The only reason Cassandra introduced me to Krystal was that Abby fell over. She could still sing in my ear, but half her vision was gone, making it hard to tell her what to sing. And even Abby wasn’t the latest incarnation, a second generation model, bought secondhand when some glamourgeek was upgrading. Everything I have, or everything I buy, I expect to last, unless something untoward happens. Like me dropping Abby down the stairs one too many times. Amahlia works perfectly, and even though there is always lust for a newer model of her, she just needs more glass. Which, incidently, I could take from her when I do eventually decide I want a fuller frame(d) figure of a lass, and she falls by the wayside. But that eventually is a long way off, behind a list of mundane domestic expenditure.

You can call it fever
As long as you want to
But I know where it comes from
It’s in my veins beating in my head
And in my heart

I only need a gadget when I need that gadget. And that gadget should do what I need it to do. And if it does that, and doesn’t break, I do not need the newer version when it inevitably gets released. I am missing some gadgets (I would dearly love to be more involved with mapping, both from a code and recording perspective, and reignite my archaeological interest, as there is much that can be seen and done round here, but I don’t need to do it. A six-pound paper OS map would suffice. But time, as ever, is the main problem.) How many gadgets do I have? Nothing that isn’t practical. A DS for the train (when I am in the mood, and have finished whatever book I was reading). Krystal, for listening to top choons on the train, again. Pythia (the replacement of the aging Dahlia) for laptop-related activites at home. Beyond that, um, nothing. I like books.

Thank you for the moon
And I thank you
For making it full
My tears are sour
And you won’t run away
You’re making it full

I am not your target demographic.

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