Who else could it be?

Posted Wed 15 Oct
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Because I was asked.

              Everything                        moves, you
          always moved, and                moved me. Sound and
       movement, you and me. Do          you remember it all? Did
    you notice the light in your      hair? Did you see the colours
   I saw? The light that flowed in   and around you, caught your eyes
  and stayed there, stayed there just for me, only for me, always for
 me. The constancy of the movement, the imprint of a time and a place.
 We can never go back, we will never be those people again. Do we want
to? You and I, we have been so many people, each one bringing us to the
here and the now of us. Do you remember what I remember, do you remember
the same way I remember? We never see the same way, and memories are so
much harder to hold. The girl you were, the woman you are, differences
grown, learnt and forgotten. Differences reconciled, differences never
forgotten. We are not alike, you and I, we never were and we never will
be. The flare of your tongue, the sudden strike of temper. The concern
from the heart, the heat of your heart. Do you know how much you have
 meant to me, all this time? How could there be anyone else when there
 is everything I need right there? Time has passed, the fury of every
  moment remains, all that we have is still us. Time overtakes us, we
  never are still, we are never just us, but behind all that, behind
   the blur of responsibilty, beneath all that, beneath the currents
   of everyday ordinariness, beyond all that, beyond the sameness of
    routine, we will always be us. I can remember the first kiss, I
     can remember our last. I can remember your skin, I can remember
      your voice. I can remember you as you were, I can see you as
       you are. You have wandered with me, you have led me and you
         have follwed me. We have danced, we have sang, we have
           been, and we will always be. We have everything we
              are because we are. Because it was always
                  just us, the moment that the fire
                      caught burns forever within.
                          There is no other for
                              me. I am just

  1. lovely. you are so tender, so romantic…

    she is lucky to have you, you even more fortunate…

    Wed 15 Oct, 9:23PM

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