I haven’t played with MySociety quite as much as I would have liked (time and all that, yet again), but I must admit to taking a shine to What Do They Know. Couple this with a complete lack of recent scammery (well, not complete, but nothing I am saying here, there has been no funding of terrorism, oh no, none at all) and I feel the need to move the paranoia along into constructive obstruction.

A few requests of note: my request for mobile phone mast coordinates, for use in a mapping app I intend to finish writing at some point. I was going to do it for my impending iPhone, but not at that price. Note: The coords will also be useful in that if I like you you won’t get hit by any stray EMP experiments eminating from Caitlin’s behind.

The others that pique my interest, would be territorial disputes and how average speed cameras calculate the average. Interesting. It is worth digging through the requests, ignoring the ones that are the same to different authorities. Maybe I will grab their code and write something that collapses all those into the one area. Maybe.

How anyone can justify our government is beyond me, the nonsense they spout, the lies, the odious bills, the misanthropy and outright fiddling they get away with. Would anyone else be any different? I doubt it, but any group that advocates lowering taxes at least has my ear. As if they collect less tax revenue, they have less to spend on their social engineering. Find out what they know. Read what they try to get away with. Deflate their egos. Think, people think. Awake. Arise. Stay angry.

  1. My society looks a good idea, i’d never heard of it.
    Will have to have a proper look when I have more time.
    Governments are corrupt, it’s one of those, facts of the apocolypse, like leaky teapots at motorway services.

    Sun 29 Jun, 10:19AM

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