Last night, some of the noted gentry, branes, chicks-with-amplly-filled-fluffy sweaters and a motley crew of misfits (us) went to The Bun Shop for their weekly quiz. The others of the motley crew (CBI members, errant piano players and their like) go each week, but asked if I would join their illustrious ensemble. (Now that Belagoth is learning to drown on a Wednesday, I have a spare hour.)

Oh, the horror. A round on baseball (I have never heard of Mark Maguire), a round on current teen movies (They made American Pie 5??!!!!11 And not a mention of Molly. See, something like that filled my formative years with visions) a round on musical theatre (name the tune and the show. wtf is Disney High School Musical? At least I had heard of South Pacific, if not knowing the tune. Or indeed it was South Pacific. But at least I had heard of it. I say again) all meant it wasn’t to be.

And given that the average age of the opposition player was probably just about the legal age to be in said imbibing emporium and able to purchase alcohol, it was all the more depressing.

Then there are the toffs. I had forgotten. Most toffs round here are actually acceptable (most of the time, certainly the taller and posher and femaler ones anyhow) but the disdain shown by some of our competitors was, frankly, abhorent. The snide and haughty sneers. The withering looks and tuts. And that was just my teammates. Ba-da-boom-tish! All good fun. And. And They give you free chips in the middle. How cool is that?

But let us never speak of this ageist, Anglo-centric (invasions of England indeed) quiz again. I was not there.

While Caitlin and I were spinning our way home, you get to see who is tottering home on heels in inappropriate dress. Quite a lot of young ladies, as it happens. The more inebriated ones shouting at me, given my roof was down, they may have heard my replies.

I am so old these days. As I suppose is everyone. Including Cassandra. But at least she still has excellent skin.


I used to have so much mercy. Actually, that is a lie.

  1. They give you free chips in the middle. How cool is that?

    Not as cool as free Creme Eggs.

    Thu 03 May, 10:09AM

  2. This is a True Fact, my fine fellow. The hidden Creme Egg trick is one I shall fondly remember for a very long time.

    Although, just to not let you have the last word, the quiz was only one of those Great British Pounds to enter.

    Stray Taoist
    Thu 03 May, 10:13AM

  3. Are you getting email at the moment? Band practise tomorrow. Usual time, usual place.

    Fri 04 May, 10:06PM

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