You are just hiding behind that Libertarian malarkey is was said to me last night on Satdeh eve (look, it takes me ages to get round to post posts these days, far, far too much else to do), really, you are an out-and-out anarchist. Of course, it was followed up with …and an incredibly well-read one, I have to concede. Sitting in the beer garden talking sedition. What better way to end a day than with what I take as flattery?


Hannah walks a bit oddly, so she says, though I have to admit it can’t have been that funny, as I n’er noticed. But I don’t wish to point out Hannah’s walking. Nope, it was just a thought I had last week, and that prompted me to witter on myself. As recently I have felt, well, a bit ungainly. Sometimes this happens. I just don’t feel comfortable in my skin. I can sense each footfall, and clumsy ones at that. Maybe I should break a new set of heels in before I totter down Cambridge-Town in them to meet with the Platonists.


Best response to PowerPoint spam says cjb, although perhaps the author of the email shouldn’t get annoyed so. And as for the response he got, well, let us say that hawt Merkan chicks can, while not replying in kind, didn’t let him get away with it.


Vignettes from a not very interesting life.

Over the bar

Tipping point

  1. I find, as an antidote to feeling uncomfortable in my skin, that several pints of a good, strong ale helps immensely. It doesn’t particularly help with footfall related problems, though …

    Raymond Lesley
    Mon 30 Apr, 4:52PM

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