Francoiz Breut is lush. Seriously. Even the ones she sings in English are great. Her latest was a while ago, so I wonder if another is due soon.

Mails have gone out, and a decision has been made. Attend! Although more mails will probably be in the offing. In fact, they will. The usual making people cry, causing people to want to hit others (ok then, me), self-aggrandising and japery will be taking place.

Spam. Sometimes amusing, all times an annoyance. I mean, I don’t even open spam for less that 560 million dollars these days. However, my favourite one recently has been the ‘“Heineken Light Champions” Promotion Notification’. Only because of the signatory of the mail. It came from ‘Mr. Sydney Morning Herald’. Jeez, his spamming parents must have hated him. Although the paltry one million I will be getting is in the spirit of footballing. So it says.

The ugly side of NI politics. (That, and I am quite fond of my twist on the securocrat issue.) Of course, if you can find a pretty side of NI politics, you are a better person than I.

More flickr fun: Standard Shinner drone. The comment is more relevant if you look at the other pics. Can anyone say ‘lasso tool cut and paste job’?

Ack, it seems I have just taken the piss out of Nationalist wasters. Although I would be willing to bet the other sides’ pics are probably beyond parody.

  1. So it’s an official meetupthingy, then? Must be, t’internet said so.

    Wed 28 Feb, 1:39PM

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