Cassandra and I differ somewhat on our approach to education. Our eldest is approaching the time when he has to choose what he will do for his GCSEs. (Of course, he will be doing a GCSE outside of school, that being Ancient Greek, but I digress.) Now, you can count the humanites I did for O Level/GCSE (for I have both) on, well, no hands. So I don’t get that. And given the well, discussion I had with Cassandra last eve, and the one that went on in the office this morn, I can, again, reiterate, that I am not the target demographic.

But forget all that. Obsession calls first, last and always.

Following on from the first single, it seems Ms Goldfrapp and friend have a new record out on Monday. She has such great skin and a fantastic set of legs. Lungs, I meant to say lungs. But you can’t deny the pins. And it all sounds more ‘Felt Mountain’ than ‘Black Cherry’ (or ‘Black Cherry 1.5’). So I may have to partake. I wonder what else I have missed in my not-paying-attention-to-music-releases stupour? I would like to pretend to care, but I am fighting other battles right now.

Economics, then. Of the employing-kind. Or politics. Or both. Or neither. I still don’t know what I want. And time is pressing. One day, I’ll wake up, and ten years will have got behind me, no one told me when to run, I missed the starting gun. Oh, hang on…

Fish to fry, dogs to walk, heads to shower. Catchya.

  1. Fish on a Friday ? How do you pronounce the letter ‘H’? ;-)

    Sun 24 Feb, 9:10PM

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