Another weekend, another ten miles (cummulative) around The Gogs with mental puppy dog. Although he is calming down, as he gets older. Ish. Still, if he sees another puppy, all he wants to do is play. Ah, the folly of youth. So let me tell you more about the Gogs. It is known widely abroad that I do like it up there. Some may say it isn’t much more than a glorified field, but they don’t realise the austere beauty of it all, and the power that is in the ley(line) of the land. For the non-dog type, it is a fine walk. But, said non-dog types may be only tangentially aware of the dog trail around the outside. Sure, between the north and south down there are stiles, and notices that dogs should be on leads in the space between the stiles, but that just gives them a notion that there is some reason for the signs. And that something is an off-lead dog walk. In full, about two and a half miles. Which Tycho loves. He runs about twice that, in and out of the bushes, trees, hedges and fields. But what I wanted to say is that it is very well designed. All the way round the outside, between fences so dogs can’t hassle people back on the downs. Designed that way from the ground up. Very, very clever use of space. Very, very clever for separation. Very, very useful. Very, very well used, too.

And while walking around such a fantastic place, and dog owners being sociable types, they get into conversations. The following conversation has happened twice, once to Cassandra, and once to me.

Dog Owner A, on watching Tycho hoon around: Hey! Shame on you!
Staffy Owner: Hmmm, say what?
DOA: I said, shame on you!
SO: Yes, I heard you. But I don’t understand you.
DOA: Letting that dog run around unmuzzled, un-leaded.
SO: What are you blithering about?
DOA: That is a banned breed! I am going to report you!
SO: And you are letting that Japanese Fighting Dog, another banned breed, run around unmuzzled and un-leaded.
DOA: That isn’t a Japanese Fighting Dog!
SO: (making clicking sound with mouth, and point finger at DOA with thumb perpendicular to it) There you go.

Stupid old biddy.

Unrelated, but I was doing a bit of recording on Sunday, and it wasn’t going where I wanted it to, so I binned the choon. However, in a fit of something, I decided to use part of the guitar line (it was going to be a spiky punk tune) in a, gasp disco song. Now, I don’t like dance music, happy hardcore, house (well, I like some, but all generalisations are true, including this one. Or is that they are all false, including that one?) but hey, how hard can it be. Well, quite, as it happens. Half an hour of work ,and I uploaded the result to Thirty Spokes. Yes, I know, the synth part is awful, the other portions all end abruptly, it needs work, but hey, I am getting over my shyness of letting people here some of my stuff. So there it is.

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