The thing about designer clothes is that they are expensive. But damn, they fit well, the cut is superior and they look great. The thing about me is that I can’t spend money (made harder by the fact I have none) so you would think these two pursuits (the clothes and the buying) would be mutually exclusive.

Alas not.

But I love my new jacket. And shirt. As I obviously had to buy a shirt as well. But I stepped back from the gorgeous cashmere jumper. As that would (quite literally) infinitely increase the number of jumpers I own. (Go on then, you tell me how many times you multiple zero by to get one. Yeah, yeah, intellectual corruptness all the way.) Beleive it or not, I have no jumpers at all. I did have one at one point in my life, a large and excellent red and black boyo, but Cassandra must have thrown it out many lifetimes ago. I don’t really do jumpers. Never have. I doubt I will start now. Although the number of tee-shirts I have has also decreased. And the number of trendy shirts has increased.

Expect me to be a veritable unrecognisable epitome of sartorical elegance when I arrive back in the colonies over Easter. Which reminds me to inform the intelligensia that I am incoming. Hey, intelligensia! I am incoming! And I will be muchly pleased to be havening the meetings with you all.

  1. looking forward to seeing you in your designer wardrobe. fraid i shall be in oxfam rags as usual.

    Sun 18 Feb, 9:20PM

  2. Yeah but do ye still own yon green bathmat coat thing? Who designed that?!

    Mon 26 Feb, 7:21PM

  3. You were just jealous that I looked great in anything, even something as derivative as a bathmat. I guess I have learnt since then. ;)

    As for you, Mary, (and a bit of a delay in answering this one), it isn’t your rags we worry about, but we look for your sparkling wit. (Erp, that sounds like I am starting to dig a hole, so I stop there..)

    Stray Taoist
    Mon 26 Feb, 9:16PM

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