Here comes another admission. Y’see, I believe lots of things, know some things, hear even more things and mash all of the above into my head. Wires get crossed, ideas get conflated. I can go for years without being put right. Two of the more recent ones (well, one timely one that got straightened out years ago, and one recent) are laid out here before you for your laugh-at-him enjoyment.

We are now fifty years after the Munich air disaster. But when I was young (and up until I was, oh, at Uni at the earliest) I never knew that the plane didn’t make it off the runway. In fact, if you had asked me what happened, I would have said they crashed in the Andes and had to eat each other. No, seriously. That is what I thought. Confusion with Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571. Oh dear. I have no clue how I managed to get them intertwined, but I did. And no, I never caught on that the Munich air crash would have happened at Munich. I presumed they took off there, and crashed in the Andes, ate each other, and all died. Now I know better. Still, there isn’t much eating on Ronaldo. And I wouldn’t fancy a chavburger taken from the side of Rooney.

I may have related this previously, but a while back, while sitting in the kitchen at NewNewWork, someone mentioned, much to my incredulity, that eels were fish. As if. No way. Today, they also mentioned that seahorses were also fish. More lies. Do I look gullible, do I? Do I?

Indeed so. Welcome to my world.

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