All storms in port twenty two

Posted Mon 11 Jun
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Not often I get to talk about televisual entertainment in the positive, mostly as I don’t watch that much. But here. And all.

Blink was just monumental television. Best episode so far this season, and this season has been the best season of the new seasons. sigh When did we start calling them ‘seasons’? This series has been of a such a high standard I can’t even recall the disgrace that were the Dalek episodes. Go figure.

Do I have niggles? Oh, of course. the main one being that most of the monsters/aliens/enemies these days seem to come from the dawn of time, the very beginning of the universe itself. Those witch things, that big Satan thing, those sideways-head scarecrow-controlling things…and so on.

I must go on a gargoyle/angel picture taking expedition round and about Cambridge-Town.

Here endeth my talk on televisual entertainment. If I did them more often, you would have less to read, and everyone would win.

  1. love the pic: I think you could have just started something. I’ve seen Star Wars in ASCII art - but not yet Dr. Who in stop-frame animation. Now that would be fun!

    Wed 13 Jun, 8:46AM

  2. You know Raymond, I may just do that.

    Stray Taoist
    Wed 13 Jun, 9:01AM

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