I am not a big fan of social networking sites. Sure, I have (two) MySpazes, a bebo, a facebook and God knows what accounts elsewhere. Currently, though, I am enjoying facebook. Although, considering I wasn’t CompSci, and there was only JANET way back when, there isn’t many old physicists I know on it. But, you know, as a distraction for a bit, facebook is the best of the bunch.

So I sit here, synth-ed up, stalking all and sundry. But alas, there aren’t many sundries in amongst the all. Which is just as well, as it is an unencrypted medium, and spinning plots in public is only a good idea if you believe in security through obscurity, and I am trying to be obscure enough. I wouldn’t join any social networking site that would have me as a member.

But I will get bored of it soon.

tiem passes…

The term liberal needs returned to its rightful owners. I am fed up having to prepend it with classical, and even then trying to explain to liberals why they are nothing of the sort. Don’t start me on scientific consensus, either. As that is how the world has worked so far, hasn’t it? With the patriarchy (*snigger*) telling us the world is flat, the sun moves round the earth, that light travels through the ether, wimmin are inferior to men, everyone is equal. I had the misfortune to stumble into some fembo sites yesterday afternoon, how I got there, I don’t know, but the wallowing, the indignation (how dare anyone publish a book just for boys. I mean, obviously every book should be gender neutral, and appeal to all. Go back to you lowest-common denominator love, and fight the battles that need fought.) I had forgotten all about those single agenda types. Or any single agenda types, really. They are all the same. Illiberal, controlling drones. My world has seriously retreated. And the maelstrom accretes.

The biggest mistake you can make? Underestimate me. Or over-estimate me. I am cleverer than you think I am, but not as clever as I think I am.

The night needs a hero. The boat sailed twenty years ago.

  1. I think this post may be of interest to you, sir. It’s an old’un, but still a good’un.

    Wed 27 Jun, 7:11PM

  2. estimates in my experiance tend to be wildly innacurate, so I don’t estimate anyone.

    Thu 28 Jun, 8:14PM

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