utcha-t aakhut, utcha-t meh-t

Posted Fri 25 May
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My phone really is knackered. I even trialled a new one, but the money-grubbing seller, who got HIS NEW ONE FOR FREE, won’t sell it to me for anywhere near a decent price. He says he is going to put it on ebay. Ha. I shall bid at the last minute and get it for less than I offered him. Because my sniping form is that good. Although while trialling it, I discovered some things. Like the speaker on my phone is rubbish. I answered his, which was mine for that moment, and hearing people on the other end was novel. Now, it might have been as he was sitting across the way from me, but I like to think not. Then again, why, dear God why, would I need a VPN client on my phone? It is a phone! It should make calls. It should receive calls. Yes, I accept the whole SMS thing. I do make use of it. But that is it. Come on, a bloody VPN client? Catch a grip.

But I still need a new phone. I think seven years+ out of my current one is a good shout. Do I wait for the iPhone, or just get another one that will last me for another seven years. I am such a phone Luddite.

I’m patient of this plan, as humble as I can
I’ll wait another day before I turn away
But know this much is true no matter what I do
Offend in every way, I don’t know what to say

I have taken to having cream in my coffee. This is an odd thing, as I have not had any milk-based products in my (non-espresso) coffees for, well, I would say for going on more than twenty years. It is also very soporiphic. Not quite my drug of choice. But another sign on the impending olditude.

This whole you never get a positive response, only a negative one is a bit disconcerting. You can’t assume something has passed, only that it hasn’t failed. Yet. I mean to say, come on.

I’m coming through the door but they’re expecting more
Of an interesting man. And sometimes I think I can
But how much can I fake? I’ll speak until I break
With every word I say, offend in every way

It is a fine thing to lean on your rake, look out of the allotment, listening to the crackling of your cleaning burning, watch the smoke curl straight upwards into the perfect East Anglian sky. A buzz from a distant light aircraft, the swooping of the swifts and your own produce in the ground. What were the skies like when you were young?

You tell me to relax and listen to these facts
That everyone’s my friend and will be till the end
But know this much is true no matter what I do
No matter what I say, offend in every way

There is work to be done today. Starting in a few hours. Lasting all day. And all night. And this change of plan (not that I changed my plan, it was always the plan) has irked Cassandra somewhat. Not quite a loss of face, but certainly a perceived embarrassment for the girl. Who seems to need a new handbag. And shoes. And tights. So I guess that is my penance.

  1. i’d send you my old phone ut its kinda girly and the bunnies chewed the charger.
    Skies when I were young were full of stars at night, then the bigger/better/more ethos hit the A5 street lighting and the stars dissapeared, at my parents place in Devon (they moved in 2000) its still so dark at night you can’t see your hand in front of you, but the stars are amazing.

    Sun 27 May, 9:56AM

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