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Posted Tue 29 May
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Full exploitation was indeed achieved. The plan™ is now a finely-honed work of excellence. We have even introduced it to others. And they did concur, it is a plan of great greatness.

The very next day, after said excellent plan, Cassandra and I attended Will and Becky’s wedding. A fine day out. Good luck to them, I say. And not in the sarcastic way.

Dahlia is on her last legs, and this is a major annoyance. May she get better soon.

And then I got to rereading some of the works by Bill Drummond, and it occurred to me that at one point I was alos to be found in a massive library reading esoteric books, when I should have still been reading esoteric books, but not the esoteric books that lay in front of me. (For the record, the, shall we say, mainstream esoteric books were always on loan. But it is a massive failure of the imagination, and a massive clue as to where this was, for students to think no farther forward than old Crowley.) Yes, there is more to this part than I am typing here.

It is now mandatory that I tell everyone from the motherland that it never rains here, and then when they turn up, it pours for the entire time. Bunch of Rob McKennas, the lot of them.

A mere catch-up post. The witterings are in draft, to be unleashed in a pique of emo ranting at some point later this week.

  1. ah good old AC. i am still sad that Robert Anton Wilson died, i suppose he had to eventually. I am rambling. It always amuses me that people practise Discordianism, seems a little Socrates to me. Anyway hope dahlia pulls through.

    Tue 29 May, 7:56PM

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