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Posted Tue 15 May
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<beowulf> don't cross the memes
<swm> or the fire station blows up and the
ghosties are all over belfast
<beowulf> exactly
∙φ∙ beowulf is now known as spengler
∙φ∙ swm is now known as egon
<spengler> wait a minute...
>>> You(StrayTaoist) are now known as Venkman
>>> You(Venkman) are now known as Xul
∙φ∙ spengler is now known as StayPuft
<StayPuft> rar!
∙φ∙ egon is now known as janine
>>> You(Xul) are now known as Slimer
∙φ∙ StayPuft is now known as Gozer
<Gozer> rar!
<janine> :)))
<janine> the desssttrrroooccctor
<jaffs> FFS, if you start signing Jingle Bells [1]
I'm outta here
∙φ∙ Gozer is now known as Zuul
<jaffs> singing
<Zuul> spell my name correctly, I'm not an
interface layer fewl
∙φ∙ Zuul is now known as beowulf
<Slimer> it was a joke.
∙φ∙ janine is now known as swm
>>> You(Slimer) are now known as StrayTaoist
<swm> that was fun
<StrayTaoist> I was hoping it wasn't
a kickable code joke :)
<beowulf> jaffs: you've changed
<jaffs> I know
<beowulf> you used to be all into the nerd jokes
<jaffs> Leaving the BBC has made me so less tolerant
<jaffs> London and the BBC were good for me,
back here I am so less tolerant
<jaffs> I just don't know Star Wars
<jaffs> that was Star Wars right?
<jaffs> possibly not
<beowulf> ghostbusters
<swm> ghostbusters
<jaffs> :))))
<swm> dude
<jaffs> fuck I am useless

[1]A reference to this

  1. You should have been kicked for the Xul “joke”.

    Tue 15 May, 11:27AM

  2. I must have missed this, brought a smile anyway. Exactly one of the reasons I should use screen!

    Wed 16 May, 5:50PM

  3. hmmm, worringly that’s not dissimilar to Mark and my online courting. Got to know your Spengler from you Silent Bob from your Bobba Fet etc.

    Wed 16 May, 7:49PM

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