What a strange thing to say as you pass me on your way out.

And all the things I had in mind for you and me.

Say something new

Carrick-A-Rede was great.


Smugglers three

Belfast Zoo was great.



The Giant’s Causeway was great. (What is the proper apostrophisation of that, I wonder?)


Matthew atop

The sun is shining out my window.

So what was wrong? This was the first time I went to the oul motherland as, more or less, a tourist-proper. (TOURIST!, you’re the TERRIST!. © Ress 2007) And you know what? It was great. Reprise. I can see why people say that Oirland is a fine place to visit. Lovely scenery, (some) lovely people and lovely food. But then you wander through the market towns, with their scummy people and their scummy attitudes. Stick to the North Antrim coast, stick to those beautiful people whom inhabit my sidebar, and all is fine.

And I left behind the luxuriously delish Easter Egg Cassandra bought me for being, and I shouldn’t quote, a jealous cow.

The sun is shining out my window.

I won’t pick now to berate those little minded people with their narrow visions, the desperately sad and the sadly desperate, stuck in a place they can’t see for what it is worth. I won’t pick now to deride the kidults who think they know how the world works when they haven’t even left their bedroom in the past twenty-odd years. I won’t pick now, because those sorts exist here as well as there, it is just the ones from there are just so much more pathetic.

The sun is shining out my window.

  1. some awesome pictures! I haven’t been up north with a digital camera now I think about it, i really will have to do it over the summer.

    As for the zoo, i’ve been wanting to go for ages now but none of my friends wanna go :(

    Wed 18 Apr, 12:01AM

  2. Cheers, dude.

    I advise a trip to the zoo, lots of opportunities up there. Likewise the North Antrim coast.

    If all else fails, go on your own! That way you don’t, like me, slow everyone else down as you take the same animal from different angles with different settings.

    Wed 18 Apr, 10:54PM

  3. gorgeous pics, sounds wonderful.

    Thu 19 Apr, 8:31PM

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