Moving on from formative political development, let us consider what has formed my views on women. OK, not my views on women, per se, but rather what I find attractive in them. See, I wouldn’t have said I particularly had a type, but pondering on it I rather do.

Meh, so it is an excuse to parade female flesh on my weblog. The shallows know no depths.

Ms Fenn. I have spoken before of one of my favourite posters, of her in a long dress. leaning over slightly. A Twin Peaks poster, natch.

...and her twin peaks

One of the other posters I had on my wall was of Ms. Dalle. Yes, I have the three million hour long director’s cut of 37o2 le matin.

Oh yes.

While possibly not quite as curvy as either Ms Fenn or Ms Dalle, I also had Ms. James adorning my walls.


Of course, I also knew, in real life, pretty and curvy chicks. So I married one. (As a bonus, look! there is me as well.)

Pretty in pink

Did I have posters of young Belly? (I did have of Ms. Donnelly, but that is a different Belly.) I must have had. I don’t remember, depressingly.

Heaven on earth

All those women are now look older than when those pictures were taken. but the memory is stuck in certain times and places.

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