Apropos filling space:

This post was originally about the things I say out loud when they should have been internalised. But I decided it might not be a wise thing to do. Sometimes I do think about what I say here. Sometimes that happens. Honest, guv.

Apropos comics:

Sometimes people ask me to explain where the name of my domain (and its derivated usage as my email name. Presuming you have ever had an email from me. Oh, right, it says it in my bio over thonder. D’oh! Ah, and speaking of d’oh! although only tangentially and spelling-wise, what do you call a small eigen sheep? A lamb. Duh. Cracks me up, that.) comes from. And it has happened to me again. Albeit from a circuitous and photographic route. (Hi Sonia!) Gosh, it has been, I would say, a decade and a half since anyone got the reference, and more, is as much of a fan as my good self. How decidedly excellent.

While perusing the old interweb, I discovered Sienkiewicz art, with some for sale. Tis my birthday in a few months, if anyone would like to spend $7000 on me. What was that? Someone’s trapped down the old mine and it is starting to flood?


Vote Doctor Doom! Its the only choice

Apropos Cambridge-Town:

While wandering around, I spotted someone had used an Obey Giant sticker. How excellent. Mayhap I should take my camera down town tomorrow and snap it.

Not this one, but this is the one that amuses me most.

Disobey this command!

Disobey this command!

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