I was supposed to pick Tony up from the airport on Monday night, on his was back to being Tony again, after his sojourn back to the colonies.

But alas, it didn’t come off. And this disappointed me. There is always fun to be had in talking with Tony. Always plans and things to learn. Of course, my loss of conversation doesn’t compare to his upset travel plans, but from my point of view it does. I have met loads of people throughout my life, but I class Tony as one of the best. (For your information, I recall my initial meeting with him, in which he interviewed me for a job at the old DeathStar, a bazillion years ago. Small outfit, part of this new interweb thing, nestled above a builders merchant in East Belfast.) Cassandra may well roll her eyes at me, but she had them opened last time Tony stopped over with us. As our conversation did range far and wide. And at speed. It is good to make leaps that others can as well. In concepts and cultural touchstones. Of course, bystanders can get a bit confused at this acceleration and shifting of topic and context, but I love it. And I missed that. I was so looking forward to it.

(This post was delayed until Tony himself expounded on why EasyJet suck. He now has expouinded on why EasyJet suck, so I can post this.)

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