Hail to the King, baby.

Posted Sat 03 Feb
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And that king is beowulf, web-designer of great flash-and-trouser-ness.

All remaining issues with the site are mine, and I am fixing them. (There are some issues with me and Opera, whereas there wasn’t with Messter Ess and the Norwegians.)

But isn’t it just grand? Those of you who are using feedreaders, please pop by to marvel at the work of a master at play. I say play, because I can’t afford his professional fees. But there will be a token towards the 12k costs.

  1. I know you fancy yourself as dark, brooding and impenetrable, but you usually reserve that for the prose.

    I initially thought that this post didn’t have a title. Then I spotted it hiding in the top left in a very dark red colour. The dark grey for the posting date is almost invisible too.

    The layout doesn’t seem to work in opera. The big row of links has overwriiten the pics at the bottom.

    The readability problems are probably being made worse by my screen resolution, which is set quite high. But, no-one else’s site is giving me these probems.

    Sorry to be such a downer on your new design, but it’s really not working very well for me.

    Sun 04 Feb, 12:54AM

  2. Hrm. I quite like the burgundy crossy stuff at the top. However…

    The dark grey is nearly unreadable on the black, the default text size is titchy and there just sooo much wasted space either side of the central text.

    Sun 04 Feb, 8:43AM

  3. Hello.

    I’ve brought the tones up a step - I was pretty sure they’d be too dark for some. You can let me know if they’re still too dark. (There is a ‘black on white’ style sheet on the way though.) I separated the colour styles from the structure so you could put in your own colours anyway.

    The text-size is fixed at the minute, out of pure laziness on my part, I’ll be making it unfixed once I get time - that way you can increase it in the browsers that don’t support zoom or text size increase.

    Sun 04 Feb, 10:22AM

  4. I love the mii stamp :o)

    Sun 04 Feb, 1:47PM

  5. you know, it’s a lot of work to go to so you can drop previous “friends” from your contact list.

    You’ve changed

    You’ve sold out.

    Leave here and get some sunglasses and a harley

    Sun 04 Feb, 1:49PM

  6. tis Grand indeed :-)

    Sun 04 Feb, 4:19PM

  7. OK call me a sycophant but I think it looks very good indeed.

    Sun 04 Feb, 9:19PM

  8. It’s beautiful. I love the footer with your odds and ends.

    Sun 04 Feb, 9:53PM

  9. NOOOOOOOO!!!!

    Another one falls to the terrible ‘only showing one post and then links to previous posts when in an ordered universe they would clearly show the last few in their entirety’ disease.

    Like many diseases, this one needs a snappier title.

    Apart from that, it all looks good. I especially like the way the photos are given their own little space.

    Sun 04 Feb, 11:18PM

  10. Woah! New clothes .. slylish. Flashy. Not, Flashy, of course - that’d be silly ;^)

    My only criticism (so far) is that text and links are (almost) indistinguishable.

    Otherwise .. kewl. :^)

    Mon 05 Feb, 12:10PM

  11. like the new look!!! sorry i’ve not been around much, mad busy and work are clamping down on tinternet abuse. :(

    Mon 05 Feb, 7:37PM

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