Throw away (almost) grep! Get ack, my new favourite grep-alike command line tool. See that term command line? You don’t need to use it in a script. It is a command line tool. And it rocks.

You know about namespaces, right? Well, if you have a file Foo/Bar/, you would expect to use Foo::Bar::Baz, right? Not if it just has a package declaration of ‘Baz’, though. Which doesn’t help when the ‘Baz’ is actually core module names. Life Config, just for example. A buddy might get confused as to why someone is using a constructor to ‘Config’. And don’t be confusing buddy, now, will you?

Real men don’t need source control, right? Not even any at all. Or how about both? But not in sync for a switch to the latter, nor indeed having all the code in either. That confuses this dude buddy as well.

People are aware that I am neither a geek nor a nerd, and these are mere observations on things that go on in and around me. So here is another one:

Did you know you can get tictacs in mondo boxes? Like that hold a hundred of the wee blighters? How acemongous is that? OK, so nothing to do with code, you might think, but I have worked in an office that ran on them, Fishermans Friends and other related goodnesses. And now I am in the mood for some. As the tictac box of one hundred (that I nicked from Cassandra) is done. Just there now. Mmmm, perhaps a packet of Victory Vs at lunchtime would be grand.

What I got in my head you can’t beg, steal or borrow.


Balancing act

  1. Me and my duck.

    Thu 15 Feb, 4:03PM

  2. Your duck rocks.

    Stray Taoist
    Thu 15 Feb, 5:23PM

  3. I used to have a gravatar…

    Stray Taoist
    Thu 15 Feb, 5:25PM

  4. It’s a well know fact that all the cool kids have a gravatar

    Thu 15 Feb, 6:30PM

  5. But surely, everyone needs all three version control paradigms? Some things in CVS, some in SVN and other stuff (still critical) that isn’t in anything at all.

    Better yet, you want bits of documentation sprayed all over the place such that whilst it nearly covers some of the things you need to know, you have to proceed on the assumption that someone has taken two similar, but non-identical jigsaw puzzles of baked beans, lost half the pieces of each and decided to recombine them in a box with a picture of a little fluffy kitten playing with a ball of wool on the front.

    Kittens are ACE.

    unlikely pseudonym
    Thu 15 Feb, 6:57PM

  6. Yes. Kittens are ace. And shouldn’t you be in bed asleep at this hour, sir?

    Stray Taoist
    Thu 15 Feb, 7:46PM

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